Acute toxic class method

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Term Acute toxic class method
Description Acute toxic class method is used for determine of acute toxicity and is equivalent to OECD TG 423 (2001).
Definition The acute toxic class method set out in this test is a stepwise procedure with the use of 3 animals of a single sex per step. Depending on the mortality and/or the moribund status of the animals, on average 2-4 steps may be necessary to allow judgment on the acute toxicity of the test substance. This procedure is reproducible, uses very few animals and is able to rank substances in a similar manner to the other acute toxicity testing methods.

The acute toxic class method is based on biometric evaluations with fixed doses, adequately separated to enable a substance to be ranked for classification purposes and hazard assessment. The method as adopted in 1996 was extensively validated in vivo against LD50 data obtained from the literature, both nationally and internationally.

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