Acute toxicity (skin sensitization)

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Term Acute toxicity (skin sensitization)
Definition Skin sensitization: (allergic contact dermatitis) is an immunologically mediated cutaneous reaction to a substance. In the human, the responses may be characteris ed by pruritis, erythema, oedema, papules,vesicles, bullae or a combination of these. In other species the reactions may differ and only erythema and oedema may be seen.

The test animals are initially exposed to the test substance by intradermal injections and/or epidermal application (induction exposure). Following a rest period of 10 to 14 days (induction period), during which an immune response may develop, the animals are exposed to a challenge dose. The extent and degree of skin reaction to the challenge exposure in the test animals is compared with that demonstrated by control animals which undergo sham treatment during induction and receive the challenge exposure.

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