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Term Bioconcentration
Description A process by which there is a net accumulation of a chemical directly from an exposure medium into an organism.
Definition Bioconcentration

Bioaccumulation is the process by which chemicals concentrate in an organism. The accumulation of a chemical in tissues of a fish or other organism to levels greater than in the surrounding medium. For example, DDT concentrates in fish and birds that eat fish. This concentration effect is expressed as the ratio of the concentration of the chemical in an organism (like a fish) to its The tendency of a chemical to accumulate in a living organism to levels in excess of the concentration in its surrounding environment.

Bioconcentration factor (BCF) - provides a measure of the extent of chemical partitioning at equilibrium between a biological medium such as fish tissue or plant tissue and an external medium such as water. The higher the BCF, the greater the likely accumulation in living tissue.

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