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Join OpenToxipedia

To join OpenToxipedia and OpenTox please register at and login in here. If you only want to join OpenToxipedia please register here.

If you are already a member of OpenTox at you use the same username and password to login at OpenToxipedia.

Adding or Editing Terms

Note: You must be registered and logged into the site to add or edit terms. You have to be a registrated user to the page

New Term Addition

  1. Starting in OpenToxipedia select which category section the term should be added to. (e.g., for Standards, select the Standards Category entry page. Select Navigation >> Categories >> Standards)
  2. From the Category entry page, Select Add or edit terms in this category use the form ....
  3. Add a Pagename for the term starting with a capital letter.
  4. Add your entry in the formular: Term, Description, Definition (Text providing a definition of term), References, Comments (Number list of comments which curators should review for potential modification or addition to term defintion.), Additional Information (Additional information related to the term can be added here.)
  5. Leave the Entry Free text as it is.
  6. To save the page press: Save Page

Additions or Modifications to Existing Term

If you wish to add a suggested change or addition to the term page:

  1. Select the edit option for the page
  2. Add a numbered comment to the bottom of the comments list, and select save option at bottom.


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